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"Understanding Your Grief" book and journal by Alan Wolfelt

Our next session for 2019 will meet each week on Tuesday beginning Tuesday, October 1st, from 10 to 11:30am. Last class will meet on Tuesday the 17th of December.  Previous groups have enjoyed a wonderful time of healing, sharing, laughing, crying and looking to the future. Our group is led by two experienced leaders who make it safe and confidential while giving you tools for coping and allowing room for you to grow while moving at your own pace. Let me know if you are interested.  Use the form below or call 253-851-9991 to speak with Martha.

Here are some quotes that may be beneficial to you from previous attendees:  

What has this group meant to you? "friendship, compassion, understanding. This group lifts each other up through empathy and support."

What did you learn about where you are in your grief journey right now? From 2 respondents

1. "That where I am is where I am, and it's ok at whatever pace."

2.  "For the first time I have a 'Guide Map', a book and journal to light a way through, steps to take. I do not feel lost."

How did your participation impact significant relationships?

"I am a talker and it's helped me to know it's ok to talk about it." 

Please describe what this group has meant to you.  2 respondants

1.  "That I am surrounded with support and love"

2.  "I look forward to meeting with the group every week. It reminds me that I'm not going through this alone."

What has been the impact of this group? From 3 respondents

1. "The often dramatic, sometimes funny and poignant stories of our individual journeys binds us together in our search for meaning. We have become trusted friends." 

2. "The first impact I felt was I was not alone in my emotions. I came to feel a part of a special group of people like myself. Before coming I was alone, scared, confused, and shattered. Now at least I am not alone!

3.  "It has made me think of things I normally would not think about. Knowing that everyone will grieve and go through loss is helpful to realize. And seeing the same people every week was comforting."

What were the most valuable aspects of the group experience?  From 3 Respondants

1.  "Seeing the same people every week was comforting"

2.  "Hearing others' stories helps me to verbalize my own"

3.  "Learning my feelings are normal"

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