Next Steps

Next steps once a death has occurred:

The Haven of Rest Staff is prepared to respond day or night. 

You may wish to have the care facility, hospice nurse, or emergency personnel simply call us to begin the process of caring for your loved one.

During your first phone call we will walk with you through the process required by the County where you reside. We will ask a few basic questions, and try to answer any of the immediate questions you may have. We will suggest a time to meet with your family to begin At Need arrangements.

At our first meeting we will start a process to:

  • Acquire basic information required on the WA State Death Certificate
  • Confirm the name and phone number of the family DR or attending physician
  • Listen carefully, and make suggestions for appropriate funeral or memorial events
  • Begin to gather information for newspaper notices, service leaders and participants
  • Review cemetery options, as appropriate

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